With the Mid-Atlantic District Championship having concluded a week ago, Dawgma is incredibly proud of the accomplishments we’ve made this season, from recovering from bad breaks at Springside Chestnut Hill to becoming the 3rd Alliance Captain at Seneca and making it to District Champs. Although we didn’t make it to the FIRST Championship in Houston, we achieved some incredible things, including winning the FIRST Impact Award at Seneca for the first time ever. This was also the first time any of our team members had qualified for Districts Champs, despite COVID and other challenges.

Dawgma would like to express our gratitude to Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Seneca High School, and Lehigh University for hosting the competitions we’ve attended. We also want to thank the teams we’ve competed with and against, and most importantly, the seniors of Dawgma for their guidance and priceless leadership this season. We will miss them dearly, and wish them the best of luck in college. Lastly, we wish the teams competing at the FIRST Championship luck, and we hope to return better than ever next season!

Overall, 2023 has been a fantastic season, and our work is not over yet! We intend on competing in offseason competitions, however in the meantime we will be continuing member training, volunteering at our school district’s FLL Junior Expo, and hosting a summer camp in the late summer. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Postseason Newsletter and 2023 Competition Recap video on YouTube if you’d like to learn more about these events or our past competitions.

Some photos from this season: