Dawgma partners with JCHAI, Judith Creed Horizon’s for Achieving Independence, and organization that provides vocational services for adults with disabilities.  Dawgma has established a strong connection with JCHAI clients through fun, accessible STEM lessons and challenges, ranging from LEGO construction and programming to building structures with spaghetti. Dawgma has collaborated with JCHAI for 7 years, even holding sessions over Zoom during the pandemic. JCHAI clients attended the Springside Chestnut Hill competition with us as well!

Girls STEM Night

In an effort to introduce girls into the STEM community (including FIRST and our team), Dawgma held a booth during LMSD’s Girls+ Stem Night. With Mountain Goat (our outreach oriented robot), Dawgma volunteers allowed members to explore the world of Robotics.

LMSD Girls+ Stem Night is designed to expose younger girls and gender diverse students to various STEM-related careers and fields in hopes that it will spark an interest to pursue science, technology, engineering and math inside and outside of the classroom.

Wellness Day at LMHS

Dawgma helped run activities for Wellness Day at our school. Wellness day is a chance for high school students to broaden their horizons and try new things. Dawgma, along with our school’s TSA chapter ran activities hosting an interactive STEM challenge. Students were also able to try to drive mountain goat(Outreach robot).