Team Aspects


Here in Mechanical, students learn to operate different types of machinery and tools while creating a new robot every year. Students also learn crucial engineering skills that not only help them learn how to develop our robots, but also help them throughout their lives once they leave.

“Having been in DAWGMA for 2 years, I have learned countless skills that have helped me in Dawgma and in life.” -Ada, Mechanical (2024)

Control Systems

Control System brings our robots to life. With Labview and Java students learn to program and code, as well as learning electrical skills that not only help in the shop, but also in life. Compiling, soldering, and wiring, they make sure our robots are ready to tear across the field!

“We give the robots its soul.” -Aaron, Control System Officer (2024)

Scouting and Strategy

In Scouting and Strategy, we work on creating accurate game analytics for alliances, using applications like Microsoft Excel, Android Studio, and more. During competition we do pit scouting to get information about individual robots on each team. While also scouting robots during qualifying matches of competition.

“Excel is our lifesaver.” -Luka, Scouting Member (2024)
“We excel at Excel.” – Simon, Scouting and Strategy Officer (2024)

Media and Recognition

Media and Recognition handles social media and outreach. Being in this aspect teaches individuals a wide variety important skills, including creating professional documents, video editing, multimedia production, and more.

“Dawgma is Slay!” -Miranda, Media and Recognition Officer (2024)